Sister Derby’s current stand on nud*ty will prove to the world that was truly right in ‘dumping’ her for cute and decent Fella Makafui.

Sister Derby who enjoys exposing her ‘old’ body has defended her style saying even Jesus Christ was n*de on the cross of Calvary.

The broken-hearted single granny took to Twitter and posted:


But how can showing skin in even be a negative when it’s so hot?! Even Jesus Christ was half naked on the cross and if it was harmful to us then Christians should’ve dressed him in post presentations at least. Or?

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Her partner in crime who also got dieted and dumped like a used tissue  by Kweku Reveloe, Efia Odo, also contributed to it by stating:

Same social media platform that has people like me who dress showing skin also has other influencers who might cover up more. People choose who they relate to more, If you like someone then just like them for their positives and leave the negatives!

Deborah Vanessa as she is known in real life despite being smart and beautiful, is always used by guys and dumped due to her bad attitude.

See Screenshot Below:

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