Ghanaians have reacted to Bridget Otoo’s question to the president of Ghana, Dankwa over the hospitals he promised to build before the 2020 December election.

The former TV3 news anchor sparked controversy on Twitter after asking the president about the 88 hospitals he promised to build for the nation.

“How many of the 88 hospitals have been build by Nana Addo?.”- She asked

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Read the reactions from some Ghanaians about her question here.

They claimed that he even deceived God.

Prissy Miller wrote; “Even the Cathedral he promised Our Father, who art in heaven, he didn’t build it and you think he is gonna build hospitals? let’s be managing the old ones JDM built until he comes back to power to build new ones.”

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who has been re-elected into office in the 2020 General election addressed the nation over the weekend on the country’s fight against the Covid pandemic and has put several restrictions on public gatherings.

School remain opened.

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