A young man has landed himself into trouble for his comments concerning the ongoing election disagreements.

In a post circulating on social media, a young man by name Daniel Tee in a Facebook comment reveals that he and a certain group of people are going to burn down part of Accra, specifically Kantamanto as demonstrations against the Election results continues.

Daniel, who is believed to be an NDC supporter was reacting to issues concerning the election dispute where the party’s Officials refused to accept declaration of Akufo-Addo as president elect. (judging from the rest of the comments in which Daniel added his).

In the comment section, he wrote “we are burning down Katamanto tomorrow”.

img 0133
Daniels comment

This is a very reckless comment looking at the high level of fire outbreaks the nation faced recently and Reports already indicates that the Market in the Area has been gutted hours ago.

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