Facebook has announced that it is launching Facebook shop to help small businesses come online.

This platform will help small businesses bring their products online and sell in the Facebook community and Instagram.

The good news is, Facebook shop is currently free and it allows users to choose the catalogs of goods they want to market on Facebook. Users can also customize the look of their own stores in their preferred languages. They can choose their own cover pages and different accent colors.

Shops on Facebook can only be accessed from the businesses Facebook page or through their Instagram page.

This new feature has been programmed for users to be able chat and receive question through messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram Direct.

Facebook stated that, the features are rolling out gradually and will be expanding it’s shopping capabilities in order ways base on feedback from users.

Facebook has also stated their plans to launch Instagram stores which will enable users buy anything which is on sale on Instagram. Goods will be showcased on their explore tabs.

This feature is rumored to be available this year. The Instagram shop will also get it’s own tab later in the year.

To proceed with these features, it will be made possible for Instagram and Facebook to link a specific product they showcase in livestreams.

Pages will be able to pin their products at the bottom of their livestream videos by tagging the products and their pages. This will help the viewers to easily select the products they are willing to buy even on the livestream videos.

Facebook currently did not release the date for the official use of Facebook stores but rumors circulating stated it will be ready before the end of the year.