News Anchor and PR Person has taken what many believe is a jab at over his recent comment about young women and “fallen breast.”

In a viral video, the Propeht whose preachings has become viral pieces now went hard on young women saying those who are virgins deserves all the bride price their parents charges, but those who have had multiple sexual bouts with sagged breast only deserve 200 cedis as bride price because their “engines” have outgrown its mileage.

However, Bridget Otoo the former journalist at Tv3 disagree with that preaching and took to her social media to equally express her views even though she never mentioned Propeht Oduro.
In her said post, Miss Otoo said

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Fallen breast is not as a results of promiscuity
Stop policing women’s bodies.
You have a mother, a sister a wife, remember that when you open your mouth or pick your phone to post rubbish.”

This many believe is also a response to the prophet.

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