Some fans are not happy with Michy adding ‘Shatta’ to her name while presenting news on TV3.

Yesterday, Michy was in the studios of TV3 to mark the International Women’s Day celebration.

During her presentation, she introduced herself as ‘’ and from comments gathered by Celebrities Buzz on social media, some folks are not happy with her for doing this.


This is because in a recent interview on UTV, the mother of one said that her 8 years+ of dating the dancehall musician was a waste of her youth.

“My time with was a waste of my youth,” she told during Saturday’s edition of ‘United Showbiz’ on UTV.

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She added that she no more uses ‘Shatta’ because of the bad reputation that comes with the name.

However, contrary to her words, she identified herself as ‘Shatta Michy’ on TV3 yesterday.

Watch the video below:

“Why is she adding Shatta to her name when living with him was a waste of your youth?”, one fan quizzed.

“I thought she said she no more uses Shatta”, another person asks.

See all the comments below:

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