FDA close down Mama Gee’s shop where she sells herbal drugs that make men ‘Mumu’


Yesterday, we reported that Notorious charms and sex enhancement medicines seller, Mama Gee real name Elizabeth Torgbor was arrested by the Police.

New reports indicate that her shop was closed down as well. This was done by the FDA in collaboration with the CID of the Ghana Police.

FDA via their social media handles made an official statement accordingly stating that they closed Mama Gee’s shop “for the sale of unregistered products and making unsubstantiated claims.”

Below is the statement:

More photos of her shop getting closed down:

mama gee arrest mama gee arrest mama gee arrest mama gee arrest

As a reminder, the FDA also did well to inform other sellers of some of these dubious medicines to take note of the penalties that come with.

FDA via their Facebook handle wrote:


Public Health Act 851, 2012
97. (1) A person shall not manufacture, import, export, distribute, sell or supply food or expose food for sale unless the Authority has registered the food.

110. (1) A person who contravenes section 97 commits anoffence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not less than one thousand penalty units and not more than seven thousand five hundred penalty units or to a term of imprisonment of not less than four years and not more than fifteen years or to both.”


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