Fella Makafui buys a new car with a customized number plate


YOLO star actress Fella Makafui has bought herself a new car and has even customised the number plate with her name FELA 1 – 18.

It appears Fella was keeping the car low-key but a fellow Blogger Nkonkonsah managed to track her and took a short video of the car.

Fella who realised their presence could be seen screaming as she sped away on top speed.

Well, she deserves good things in her. She’s really working hard.

The young entrepreneur was in the news earlier today after she gave a hint that she’ll marry anytime soon.

The YOLO actress took to her Instagram page with a very interesting caption that someone has stolen her heart and she is planning to take revenge by taking his last name.

Her caption read: fellamakafuiHe stole my heart so I am planning a revenge…. I am going to take his last name😫😫😫🙊🙊… .

It is most likely that Fella Makafui who is noted for her jaw-dropping pictures on social media will soon be off the market soon.


Watch video of her newly bought car below:

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