Fella Makafui wept as a widow laid blessings upon her life

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Fella Makafui wept as a widow laid blessings upon her life

Yesterday was a very lucky day for Fella Makafui and only those with a God given spiritual eyes will notice how a blessing from a widow can change one’s life.

Fella Makafui and his husband to be, Medikal extended their wealth unto the doorsteps of some few lucky widows on Christmas eve to put a smile on their faces.

Somewhere along the program, one of the widows present laid blessing upon the life of young Fella and both broke down in tears of joy.

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It is very painful to lose one’s husband and for one to dedicate his or her wealth and time to spend a Christmas with you, it is indeed worth it.

I was so touch to see such a young Fella have passion for human soul.

I now understand why everyone will fight for her heart because she is indeed God’s own.

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