Female traditional executioners storm Sunyani market to beat up anyone not wearing a black outfit

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Angry palace executioners at the Sunyani traditional area in the Bono Region have been caught in a video assaulting some people in the market for defying funeral orders in the area.

They were seen holding long canes and landing it on those who fail to appear in black outfits.

The residents following the death of their late queen mother, Nana Yaa Nyamah were expected to comply with some rules that were announced prior to the burial of their queen.

They were expected to be clad in mourning attires with no one wearing jewelry.

Some businesses, as well as churches, were to halt operations from Monday, February 24 to Saturday, February 29, 2020, when the final rites will be held.

Those who failed this simple directive are having a tough time in town.

Watch the video below:

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[arve url=”https://seckloawu.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/c45495fd-e714-45d9-ae60-f3504b45ed4d.mp4″ /]

Below is the notice issued by the traditional authority:


1. Starting Monday through Saturday all residents and anybody doing business within the Sunyani Traditional Area must be in mourning or funeral attire.

2. No one should be seen wearing jewellery of any kind, particularly when going to file past the body of the late Queen Mother.

3. From Tuesday through Friday, from the hours of 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm, lights will be put out in some selected communities.

4. Some traffic restrictions may also apply in certain places.

5. No shop, hotel, or any other business shall open for business or service at any time on Friday. Only selected hotels shall be allowed to open on Friday. Banks may also work for half-day on Friday. Major healthcare institutions shall also open for business on Friday. All schools shall not open on Friday.

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In view of all of the above, we wish to bring to your attention that:

1. All church services or department meetings within the week have been called off, except Saturday.

2. Make every effort to abide by the instructions above, to avoid any embarrassment. Get home before 7.00pm please.

3. Because we are not very sure, uniform-wearing workers should find out from their various places of work if they must be in mourning or funeral attire also.

4. The church may send a delegation to attend this funeral.

5. Please listen to local radio stations for any other relevant information that may not have been provided here.

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