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Fifi Kwetey says Bawumia is an over-hyped economists


Member of Parliament for the Ketu South constituency, Fiifi Kwetey, has described Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as a “cosmetic hype” economist who is worse than what Ghanaians anticipated.

According to Mr. Kwetey, the notion that, Vice President Bawumia is the Messiah of Ghana’s economy is not realistic but a sham. He made this revelation on Happy FM’s ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ show.

“I have known all along that he [Bawumia] is simply a cosmetic hype. I have always known that. Look, when you are outside and giving commentary on a football match, it is always very easy. When you are now in the saddle, you will know how it is,” Kwetey said.

He also affirmed that due to the recent depreciation of the Cedi against the dollar, Bawumia is getting exposed and Ghanaians will soon know that he is worse than anticipated.

“So effectively things have just beginning to unravel and the people of Ghana are just truly getting to know what he used to be.”
He also borrowed the words of Ghana’s former Ambassador to the Netherlands Mr. Tony Aidoo, whom he claimed describes people like Dr. Bawumia as an over-inflated balloon badly in need of power.

“You Know, Dr. Tony Aidoo describes such people like [Bawumia] as an over-inflated balloon badly in need of a power. So I think he’s gradually being unravelled and the people are getting to known him.”

Some section of Ghanaian have mocked Vice President Bawumia over the recent depreciation of the cedi against the dollar which is currently at GH¢4.95

They deemed whiles in opposition, Bawumia lambasted the Mahama led government over the frequent depreciation of the cedi and attributed it to bad governance.

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Source; Ghanaweb


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