Fiifi Adinkra reacts to throwback photo of DKB

A throwback photo of DKB is making rounds on social media, triggering a reaction from CEO of Adinkra Metrix, Fiifi Adinkra.

img 4043
DKB then and now

Could you believe the gentleman on the left back in 2009 is the same on your right in 2021? Yes that is DKB right there then and now.

According to the Blogger, DKB look like a favorite customer of a lov Nava Drinking and also believes his huge transformation should be a motivation to everyone.

“@dkbghana looks like the favorite customer of a lov nava drinking ?? l swear if this doesn’t motivate you … forget” He wrote

The term lov Nava which translates ’Come if you love me’ is a common name given to most ewe drinking spots and chop bars.


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