Richard Agu wedding ceremony

 Celebrities Buzz being your number one gossip and gist platform has acquired a few photos and video of military men storming Obuasi to protect Richard Agu wedding ceremony.

Obuasi is about to get interesting as some Military men have started storming the premises of St. John’s Baptist Church to protect their colleague Richard Agu’s marriage.

The Military man has received a threat from Comfort that she will be coming over to collect the cash she invested in him prior to him joining the force and dumping her for another lady.

As part of the usual military culture, some friends of Richard Agu has armed themselves with high morale to discipline anyone who tries to mess up at the video.

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A video believed to have been shot from the venue had some military friends rehearsing in the church premises while photos also saw a few coming through while awaiting others.

See the photos below:

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Watch the video below:


Facebook was the sweetest place to be as at yesterday as there was a lot of violence going on between one Richard Agu and Comfort Bliss GH.

Well, Comfort came out to allege that she’ll storm Richard’s wedding at Obuasi to cause commotion. According to her, this military man used, exploited her only to later dumped her and plan a wedding with another woman.

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At the back of this, she has vowed to storm the wedding ceremony at Obuasi to collect every dime she spent on Richard Agu. You can update yourself with the full story here

Her allegation forced Richard Agu to speak out as shared below:

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