Five things never know about Thomas Partey

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Five things never know about Thomas Partey

Thomas Partey has been a very successful player since he made it into the limelight. There are however a few things that a lot of people don’t know about.

Ghanaian player Thomas Partey made it to the apex with hard work. has compiled a few things that many people never knew about him.

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He left Ghana without most of his family knowing

When the time came for Thomas to make the move from Ghana to Spain, he left very suddenly. His father was a football coach and, together with Thomas’ agent, had been planning his exit from Ghanaian second division side Tema Youth.

Five things never know about Thomas Partey

One day Thomas was driven to the Ghanaian capital of Accra, handed his passport and told he’d be leaving there and then. The rest of his family found out once Thomas was already in Spain, where he signed with Atletico Madrid!

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Michael Essien was his idol

When Thomas was starting out on his journey to professional football, the player he looked up to the most was Michael Essien.

Michael Essien

Thomas has spoken about the admiration he had for his fellow Ghanaian, while former Real Madrid midfielder Essien has also raved about Thomas’ qualities in various interviews, even saying that he’d have loved if the two midfielders could have played together for the Black Stars.

He’s one of the most versatile players in European football

Some fans might not know just how versatile a player Thomas is. His natural position is in defensive midfield, but he has also been used on occasion as an attacking midfielder, as a winger, as a centre-back, as a full-back and even as a striker.

Five things never know about Thomas Partey

When playing for Ghana, he tends to play in a more attacking role and even scored a hat-trick for his country in a World Cup qualifier against Congo.

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His nickname as a kid was ‘Senegal’

He may be from Ghana, but Thomas’s nickname growing up was “Senegal.” When playing for his father’s team in Odumase Krobo (in eastern Ghana), he was given the nickname because his style of play reminded his father of a friend whose name was Senegal.

Five things never know about Thomas Partey

He co-owns a football club

A star for one Madrid club, he co-owns another. Thomas, along with several partners, acquired Alcobendas Sport, aside from in the city’s northern suburbs currently playing in the fourth tier, in 2019.

Five things never know about Thomas Partey

The side has become a home for several players making their own journey from African to Spanish football, with these up-and-coming talents able to benefit from Thomas’ expertise.

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