joyce dzidzor baby father

Former HIV/AIDS ambassador, has been attacked by her baby daddy and his wife in Germany.

According to a video shared on her Facebook handle, the police were called upon to restore order.

Apparently, Joyce Dzidzor has a child with the man, but he’s denying to perform his duties, claiming that the child is not his.

Ms Dzidzor said in the video that they went for a DNA test which came out positive, but the man is still being violent towards her.


So she was in her house with her kids when the man broke in with his wife to harm her and a neighbour next door had to call on the police to come to the scene.

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The baby daddy and his wife were warned to stay away from Dzidzor.

Sharing the video, she wrote: “My baby daddy and his wife were breaking into my room to kill me but the neighbor called the police. I was supporting my door with my two hands while my baby was shouting  They wanted to kill us”

Watch the video below”

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