Fortnite Battle Pass Meme TikTok Song Lyrics Explained With Meaning

Fortnite Battle Pass meme song lyrics are viral on Tiktok. Scroll down to find out.

There are a of creative people in the world. And, it was all thanks to the internet and Tiktok that has introduced us to many creative people.

There are various skills showcased on Tiktok. Some people make all the effort in the to get recognized, whereas some are lucky to set the trend unexpectedly. One such user who randomly made a meme song is trending online.

Fortnite Battle Pass Meme TikTok Song Lyrics

The lyrics of the Fortnite Battle Pass meme song are available on Tiktok. In addition, a video on the platform has noted down the song’s words for the user’s and viewer’s convenience.

The lyrics read: “Fortnite battle pass, I just s**t out my a**. Booted up my PC cuz I need need to get that Fortnite battle pass. I like Fortnite. Did I mention Fortnite? I like Fortnite. It’s night time I mean, it’s 5 o’clock, that’s basically nighttime; Y’all remember cartoon network adventure time”.


The song’s randomly made it out when he was doing a duet PS5 challenge with another Tiktok user named Salem. He captioned in the video that he was bored and made a freestyle.

However, the random song he made has caught the viewer’s attention. The video is viewed 10 million times on the platform.

Fortnite Battle Pass Meme Song Meaning On Tiktok

The meme song, Fortnite Battle Pass, seemingly does not have any specific meaning. However, the has made people speculate that he is a fan of the video game Fortnite.

The user with whom he did the duet challenge asked him if he liked the game, to which he replied yes. He also asked her if she would want to play with him.

In addition, the himself said that he made the freestyle out of boredom.

Fortnite Battle Pass Original Video

The original video of the Fortnite Battle Pass song is circulating on social media. In addition, many other users in the platform have also made their own videos using the track.

The has impressed many Fortnite fans. In addition, Salem also sang the song and uploaded it to her handle. Although we are unsure how long the music would be on-trend, the gamers would probably not forget this piece.


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