Musician Freda Ryhmz real name Freda Baffour Awuah has been exposed after making some comments in an interview yesterday with on United Showbiz TV show on UTV.

Apparently, Freda during the interview was asked which female rappers she knows in and she replied that it’s only her and that she recognizes as such.

Well, it appears other female rappers are pissed especially those who personally once had a chat with Freda Ryhmz only for her to deny them in public.

One of such rappers happens to be Ohemaa Dadao.


Ohemaa took to her Instagram handle and leaked some chats between herself and Freda that sees Freda praising her that she’s one of the rappers she looks up to and that ‘to be honest, she’s learning a lot from her’.

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Ohemaa’s worry is, why should Freda come to her inbox showering her with praises only for her to feign ignorance of her on TV.

Sharing a screenshot of their chat, Ohemaa Dadao wrote:

““I am learning from you, I like your raps , you dope “ how can that transform quickly to “ I don’t even know who she is “ see how that 2 by 4 fame is making you grow wings … little clown if you don’t know me guess what ? I don’t know you either but keep that same energy when you’re in my dms acting like a little girl mesmerized at a magic show😂. I just had to pull up facts to expose you. The obvious Fact here is you’re just a despicable pathological liar … peace out.”

Celebrities Buzz has checked out one song by Ohemaa Dadao and she’s really dope. Listen below:

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In related issues, Freda and Sista Afia nearly picked a fight yesterday in the studios of UTV.

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