Kwabena Mintah Akando and Ursula Owusu

There was a free grind for Kwabena Mintah Akando as Ursula Owusu sat on him since he won’t get up on her sit.

Kwabena Mintah Akando might have enjoyed some smooching on the part of Ursula Owusu as she sat on him for long.

Ursula sat on Akando because he refused to leave her place of sit. This might have been so because the NDC MPs occupied the majority side of the parliament which was initially meant for the NPP.

During the entire proceedings of the 7th parliaments dissolving process, Akando enjoyed Ursula sitting on his laps.

It was a full time drama.

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The NDC MPs have long argued that they hold the Majority in Parliament despite coming away from the polls with the same number of seats as the New Patriotic Party Caucus; 137 apiece.

Watch the video below:


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