Quamina MP was bashed on social media days ago over his Tim Westwood freestyle that got him screaming ‘Issakaba’.

Many people while reacting to the video stated that he has disgraced Ghana at the international front with a ‘weak’ freestyle vibes.

Well, the full freestyle video that has got the instrumental on has been released.

To be frank, he nailed to perfection, at least far better than Shatta Wale’s past BBC freestyle record.

The video proves his bars fell exactly on the instrumental.

Many fans of the GroundUp Chale star were super excited he didn’t flop.

Read a few comments on the video below:

‘I think this wasn’t bad🤔🤔Leave em all and focus bro Ground up to the TOP🎢✈🔥🔥🔥🔥🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭’

‘This thing is not wack…Quamina you spoil there’

‘Herh Ghana people dey talk oo!! See how the guy spoil der!!’

‘Wow.. this is total utter garbage! Did they just pick a drunk crack head from the street and give him a Microphone? Wtf is the world coming to.. this is literally the worst thing I’ve ever heard! Fire in a pet shop!’

‘This a highest platform to drop this kids lines.. U force but i was expecting badder than this.’

Watch The Video Below: