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Funny Face hints on marrying his baby in a long heartwarming message on Instagram.

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Funny Face set to marry his baby mama as he disclosed how ready he is.

The Ghanaian actor and comedian has been through a lot over some months ago, after he suffered from emotional trauma, depression and physical abuse which almost ended him in prison.

In all, he has been able to recover after spending weeks at the Accra psychiatric hospital where he received treatment.

So far, a lot of changes has been noticed in Funny Face life unlike previously.

In a post he shared on his Instagram page, the ‘Kasoa Vandam’ sent a long and emotional message to his children and baby mama as he talked about how ready he is to lay his life down for the satisfaction of his beautiful family.

Funny Face revealed how all the anger and pain vanished out of him upon seeing his newly born baby girl ‘Kimberlyn’, during his days at the psychiatric hospital.

I can live in tatters, hustle and clean gutters to make sure you girls get the best of everything.” He assured his four beautiful girls.

To his baby mama Vanessa, Funny Face said is ready to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her.

Most importantly, Funny Face gave hint on their wedding as he tagged his baby mama Vanessa and himself for 2021 with a ring emoji.


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