Funny Face replies to Central Regional Police PRO DSP Irene Oppong for saying he resisted arrest

Funny Face has replied to Central Regional Police PRO DSP Irene Oppong for saying he resisted arrest.

Funny Face has replied to Irene Oppong for saying he resisted arrest. According to him in a very hot video, the DSP is a liar.

He said he never resisted arrest but he was beaten out of hatred. He gave DSP Irene Oppong her fair share of blast. Furthermore, he used hard words on her and the Ghana police.

Watch the video below:


DSP Irene Oppong, Central Regional police PRO made this clarification on Peace FM with Sammy Kay. She detailed the actual cause of Funny Face arrest.

According to DSP Irene, Funny Face was arrested on the 8th February 2021 with a charge of unlawful firing of gun. Report says that Benson Nana Yaw Oduro also known as Funny Face, went to a certain sport at Kasoa for fun and got into a fight with the attendant. The reason that to the fight was not disclosed.

Unfortunately for him, he was beaten up by the attendant and mocked by the people who witnessed the scene. Angry Funny Face then went to his and returned with a gun, giving multiple shots in the sky.

Out of fear, the owner reported him to the Millennium police station at Kasoa. The arrest of him was what seemed like a war that trended on social media.

To cut everything short, he was finally arrested alongside with the attendant he fought with. A charge of assault was put on the bar attendant after he admitted to the claims by Funny Face that he was given multiple slaps on his face for no reason.

Funny Face on the other hand was charged for unlawful firing of gun.


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