Rev. Lawrence Tetteh has said that Ga Adangbe’s would have been rich people but for their foolishness, hence, making them poor.

Elaborating on why he thinks so, the Founder and President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach said if you should trace the history of the Ga-Adangbe’s they worship no other gods but Jehovah God the highest.

But generations who came after their ancestors turned their back unto God and rather followed lesser gods and that’s the reason why Ga-Adangbes have lost their power and value.

Explaining further, he said that when our ancestors were in Benin-Dahomey, they were introduced to the worship of lesser gods but they rejected and made a covenant that they’ll worship no other lesser god but God — Jehovah.

But the present generation came to mess things up.

He said “any Ga person who falls into a fetish trance they don’t speak Ga language. The Wulomoie of the Ga people are supposed to be priests except that the foolishness of the Ga people so they forgot our God. The last time I preached it in James Town, some of the boys said I’ve insulted them and the Chief Priest came on the podium and said I was speaking the truth. We have no gods, The Gas have no gods, we believe in Jehovah and all of a sudden, we started following everything. So, when they were captured in Dahomey and they were introduced to other gods, they said no.

“Abeiku listen to me, I say this thing with pain. My father comes from Dodowa and my mother comes from Osu. The reason why the Ga people are suffering today is because we left that God. We left that God. You can quote me anywhere. Look at the sea God gave us. God gave us the sea so fish is not a problem, we have land, cassava won’t be a problem. Infact Accra people should be one of the richest people. They gave us the big sea with oil in the sea but we left the God who made a way,” he added further in a live session on Accra-based OKAY FM.

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