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Gays are also created by God’s Grace, stop judging them – Actor Peter Richie

Members of the LGBT community in Ghana face a lot of criticisms and stigmatization in Ghana.

An average Ghanaian would tell you that it isn’t normal or acceptable to be gay/lesbian.

Well, just as there’s an exception to every case, actor Peter Richie who featured in the yet-to-be premiered PoverD movie has thrown some sort of support behind members of the LGBT community.

peter richie
peter richie

According to the the actor, people who are not straight sexually are also created by God and as such, they have the grace of the maker on them so people should take their time when they are dealing with them and their sexuality.

Speaking with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show, Peter made the point that Ghanaians should not be too quick to judge and probably curse people who decide to be gay because one might not know what led the person into it.

He stressed that a lot of factors might have been considered before the person probably decided to go into the act, which should be known

In as much as he stated that gays and lesbians should be treated as humans by Ghanaians, the father of one was quick to stress that he was not one nor will he ever be one because he is totally straight. He also disclosed that his comment was to a very large extent not in any way urging people who are not in the act to engage in it.

Peter Richie’s new film, PoverD premieres on March 23 at the Silverbird Cinemas.

Watch the video of actor Peter Richie making this shocking statement below:


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