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Germany has chosen Ghana as the West African Centre Of Global Health


A few days after Ghana was chosen by Twitter as their African Headquaters, another good news has come in for the country.

In this new piece of good news, Germany has chosen Ghana as their West African Centre of Global Health and Pandemic Prevention.

German ambassador to Ghana, Christoph Retzlaff disclosed this in a tweet he shared on Thursday April 15. He added that the Ghanaian centre is one of eighth others worldwide.

The announcement came days after social media giant, Twitter also announced that it will siting its African headquarters in Ghana.

The tweet read;

“Excellent news: Germany will support launch of a new “German-West African Center for Global Health and Pandemic Prevention.

“It will be located in Ghana and be part of 8 new centers worldwide to fight global challenges.”

Germany picks Ghana as location for its West African centre for global health


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