Efia Odo blasts Ghanaian authorities who are saying Black Americans facing racial discrimination to come back home.

Efia Odo is angered by the fact that authorities want Black Americans facing racial abuse to return to Ghana where their forefathers are believed to have originated from.

She holds the view that Ghana isn’t a land of milk and honey where such people will troop in and still have their lives running normally.

She tweeted that before they tighten up their calls, they should fix the bad infrastructure, roads and corruption that is mostly a big headache for all taxpayers.

She fired:

“They’re telling Americans facing racial discrimination to come to Ghana as if ghana doesn’t have accentuating issues already. From bad roads to bad Infrastructure to corrupt authorities! Fix your country first and before you invite any outsiders.”

The government yesterday put together a commemorative ceremony for George Floyd who was murdered coldly by a police officer on the streets of Minneapolis in the United States.

During their submission, they called on all facing racial abuse to feel free and return home.

Efia’s post is receiving a lot of thumbs-up on Twitter.

See the Screenshot Below:

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh