Ghana Police Service replies man who said he trust weed growers more than Ghana Police

A man by the name Sakyi gathered all the vim in the world to comment under a post on the official Facebook page of the Ghana Police Service that he trust weed growers more than the Ghana Police Service.

Well, the of the official Facebook handle of the Police service after seeing the comment didn’t let it slide as he/she replied the man accordingly.

In their reply, they wrote that the very day that the law catches up with Sakyi, that’s when he’ll realise who to trust between the Ghana Police force and weed growers.

“Sakyi the day the law catches up with you, you’ll remember who to trust“, their response read.

Sakyi instead of keeping mute retaliated again saying “Ghana Police Service The law that the Ghana police use to intimidate us? The same law that the Ghana police used to almost ruin my life? The day the same law is used to mess up ur life, u will also agree with me.” 


This guy got nerves, he got neeeeerrrveees [in Kennedy Agyapong’s voice]


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