Ghana’s Vice President Dr has promised that will become the most digitized economy in Africa in their next term.

Dr has disclosed that Ghana’s economy in Africa will become the most digitized in Africa in their next term in office.

The running mate of President said while addressing a special National Council meeting of the party held at the Alisa Hotel in Accra yesterday, June 26, 2020, to acclaim Nana as presidential candidate for the NPP:

“The implications of digitization for the economy are phenomenal and by the grace of God, will become the most digitised economy in Africa in our next term in office. We are on track and we are making good progress.” 

Bawumia added that the government is seeing to it that the vulnerable in society have easy access to everything without going through corrupt means.


“Digitization is the best way to protect the poor and under-privileged who have no connections. With digitization, I can renew my NHIS membership on my mobile phone or apply for my passport online. I don’t have to know anybody. With digitization, government revenues will increase several folds. You do not have to pay a bribe to get a driver’s license or birth certificate.”

Bawumia was officially endorsed as the running mate of on the tickets of the ruling NPP in the incoming General Elections.

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Source: Citi News

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