Ghanaian artist accuses AY Poyoo of stealing his ‘Abodam’ brand – Calls Abeiku Santana as his witness

A Ghanaian has accused AY Poyoo of stealing his ‘Abodam' brand and referred to Abeiku Santana as his evidence.

Ghanaian artist recognized as 3y3 Guy claims AY Poyoo stole his brand and commercialize at a point he was on the verge of bringing it out in a song with Kwaw Kese.

In an with Kofi Countryman TV, 3y3 Guy said he started the same ‘Abodam' brand years ago before AY stole from him recently. He asked all those who will be in doubt to cross-check from -winning journalist Abeiku Santana.

In his own words, he said:

I started this brand long ago before AY Poyoo stole it from me. Kwaw Kese is my inspiration. Abeiku Santana was helping me to feature Kwaw kese and Medikal, but kwaw was locked down in the due to Coronavirus.” 

The upcoming star pleaded with Ghanaians to check him out to ascertain for themselves.

AY Poyoo became a trending topic after his style coupled with ‘Abodam' brand made him go viral.

Checkout Videos Of The Two And Judge For Yourself:

3y3 Guy:

AY Poyoo:

Source: Kofi Countryman


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