Cardi B is finally in Ghana. And as part of the programs, she was supposed to meet and greet some Ghanaian celebrities who were specially invited.

Our dear Ghanaian celebrities and Slay Queen paraded themselves at the Kempiski Hotel to meet the American rapper.

But they were prevented from doing so. This has caused fury among the celebs who feel disrespected.

According to what most of them are saying, they came to wait for Cardi B from about 1Pm to 5PM leaving all their duties only for them to be told to wait till 8:30PM before they can see her.

Celebrities Buzz has seen videos of Hajia4Real, Akuapem Poloo, Victoria Lebene and Afia Scharzennegger lodging their complaints.

See what Afia Scharzennegger has to say:

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This is what Victoria Lebene is saying:

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Akuapem Poloo spoke some sense:

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