Abdul Umaru Waris, a professional stand up comedian, popularly known as Comedian Waris has taken to the streets of Accra to share food to the poor and needy.

The food items were well packaged in ‘take away packs’ and Waris could be seen handing over the items to the poor and needy.

Sharing videos and photos of his kind act on Instagram, he wrote: ‘Back to the street, appreciate the love ❤️ 💪💪🏆🏆”

Swipe through the photos and videos below:

Talking about his experience, he said he has many funny jokes about the state of Ghana’s economy but he has to shush to prevent his career from dipping.

“So now I have lots of jokes that I cannot say because if you do they will tag you as supporting a party. If I will follow any party it has to be a huge sum that I can spend for about 40 years but then even if I support a party, can I joke about them? No.”

The comedian, however, said since Ghana is in an election year he does not see anything wrong keeping up with the trend.

“No one should take it personally. We are in the political season so we will say the jokes but don’t say we the comedians who are citizens are supporting a party. If it doesn’t go well we all suffer together [SIC],” Waris added.