Ghanaian Lady expose a man who tried to scam her on Facebook

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There are a lot of fraudsters on social media defrauding people of their hard-earned money daily.

Once you’re not smart enough, they’ll take advantage of you and make the most of your foolishness.

So this beautiful Ghanaian Lady identified as Gertrude Andoh who happens to be a Nurse was contacted by this guy identified on Facebook as ‘Kelvin Boateng’.

He contacted the lady with the friendliest of messages and perhaps he became friends with the lady.

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Kelvin Boateng then came up with the usual lies that he’s heading from USA to Cuba for some business deals. (apparently, he told Gertrude that he’s a Ghanaian from Kumasi staying in the States).

So Kelvin said he’s heading to Cuba but his son who’s in Ghana—Kumasi needs some money urgently but since he’s not in the States, he would need Gertrude to send the money to his son.

Then when he returns to the States, he’ll sort out Gertrude.

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As sensible/smart as Gertrude was, she asked Kelvin that doesn’t he have any family member in Kumasi?

And in reply, Kelvin said he’s the only child of his parents who are dead — so he has no relatives.

Gertrude after sensing the mischief about the guy blocked him Whatsapp totally and then took to Facebook to share screenshots of their chats just to caution others.

Screenshots below:

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