Netizens reacts to a sad story of a curious married woman who died in accident while in a hurry to verify claims her husband was cheating with a lady.

As we are all aware, mankind is bound to leave this world in the due time but people actually meets their untimely death in a disgusting and unexpected way.

Such situation is heard in a story shared on Facebook by Ghanaian journalist and media consultant Mabel Aku Banaseh.


In the said sad story, a married Ghanaian unidentified lady was notified that her husband was seen in a car with another lady in Tema.

Without patience, the curious woman set off in her car just to expose her alleged cheating husband.

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Unfortunately for, she got into a fatal accident as she lost her life on the Tema-Motorway without even getting to her destination.

This should serve as a lesson to every individual fond of reacting quickly to rumours as it may lead you to your early grave just like the deceased woman.

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