Louis is an orphan suffering from a foot ulcer. He was abandoned at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital over a year by his family — leaving his foot to rot away.

Ghanaian philanthropist and CEO of The Soft Group, BigGodwin Martey after hearing about his plight reached out through his charity foundation called Butterfly your World.

The hospital bills and money for upkeep for Louis were as huge as a mountain but the CEO of Butterfly your World together with his team member have been determined over the months to help the young man.


Since there were no available beds at the hospital, a room nearby was rented for Louis where he’s staying for treatment.

“it costs Gh1,500 weekly to take care of Louis, in a month it costs me Ghc6,000, that is $1,000 monthly. This is excluding his main Surgery costing Ghc15,000”, BigGodwin Martey  stated in his post.

Read his full words below:

You remember Louis? The Orphan that was abandoned in Korle Bu for over one year with medical conditions that included foot ulcer?

Well, I have been very passionate and committed to the story of Louis because, I believe that we are the Angels of Hope to other people who are poor and needy and might have been left stranded by the cold hands of Life and it’s mysterious vicissitudes.

To be frank, it hasn’t been easy handling Louis’s issues, I can now appreciate and understand why he was abandoned.

The challenges that has faced me and my team in handling his matter has been monstrous.

First was accommodation (no bed or space any longer for him in Korle Bu, so he stays in a Guest House close to the Hospital which costs me daily), to medicines, to Lab Scans, to dressing of his wound every 3 days, to caretaker to getting him 3-Square home cooked meals and to transportations to clothing to everything. But hey, no amount is too much to touch a Life and make it better.

For the first time, I will openly tell you, it costs Gh1,500 weekly to take care of Louis, in a month it costs me Ghc6,000, that is $1,000 monthly. This is excluding his main Surgery costing Ghc15,000, which hasn’t happened yet, as the Surgeons say he must recover well in body weight and immune system before surgery can take place, so I am hoping that in a few months time he will be okay enough for the surgery on the feet to take place.

Here is the good news! Louis is transforming completely to the Glory of God! His recovery has been amazing, also there is a rapid emotional improvement, he is happier, cheerful and gaining back his confidence. We have started discussing his dreams again and I am ready to be with him for the long haul.

I am working already on a proper accommodation for him, after his surgery and post surgery recovery, I will get him a job, find him a good woman, and I will personally sponsor the wedding. Louis will be back to life completely transformed and be a testimony to the Glory of God, just keep following his Story for more updates.

The Photos attached is Louis the first time I met him verses Louis just Yesterday.
RAW – Rise up and Walk, is one of our arms at Butterfly your World. We pick up people who have medical conditions that has bedridden them or made them incapable of living life, we walk them through their medical recovery and bless their lives to come back into their fullness of joy.

A big thank you to my Butterfly your World Team, best team in the World, I love you guys with all of my heart.

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