Almost everybody has a look-alike. We all get this in town where we meet someone and the person will be like you look like my friend back in High school, or you look like my cousin among other instances.

Well, just as we have look-alikes for average people in our communities, we also have people who look like some popular celebrities.

When one bears resemblance to a top star/celebrity, you mostly get the chance of being treated very specially.

A Ghanaian man who thinks he deserves this special treatment has shared a grided photo of himself together with American actor Tyler Perry.

He’s trying to simply say he looks like the movie producer. “Celebrity twinning”, his caption read as he posted the photo into popular Facebook group, Tell It All.

See the photo below:

tyler perry look alike

He expected people to agree with him that he indeed looks like Tyler but the savage comments he received could cause him to commit suicide.

tyler perry look alike tyler perry look alike