Popular Ghanaian Vlogger, Samuel Barimah Amoaning, is celebrating his birthday today, 11th June, 2020.

In the euphoria of this special day of his life, Barimah has taken to the streets to share money to some street hawkers.

A few physically challenged by the roadside also draw nigh to take a few notes from him.

Barimah did well to give to each and everyone the best way he can.

Watch the video below:

My opinion

I’ve come across a lot of comments on social media in regard to the video above. Some people were chastising Barimah for capturing and posting his kind act on social media.

Most comments are of the view that kind acts should be done off-camera and that it should be between him and God.

Well, I don’t have problem with this principle of giving discreetly. But I personally feel it is not compulsory. And it’s high time some religious people know that their laws might not work in every situation.

People have reasons for the manner in which they give and as to how it affects the principles of God, it’s left to them alone and not us to be judging.