husband snatcher

A Ghanaian woman abroad has publicly clashed with a fellow Ghanaian woman on a train for snatching her husband of 22 years.

According to the woman, who was heard speaking bitterly, she has been with her husband for the past 22 years — and they have a total of 5 children.

But one Maa Christie who’s in the video below left her husband in America and moved to London only to snatch her husband of over 2 decades.


The woman whose face didn’t show in the video said she has been suspicious of her husband’s secret amorous relationship with Maa Christie and that she even suspected that they had a child together.

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But anytime she questioned her husband about it, he always denies.

Lo and behold, the woman finally caught her husband with Maa Christie in a train with a newborn baby.

This what was brought about the exchange of words.

The woman claims Maa Christie used Juju to snatch her husband and she will never know peace.

Other passengers in the public transport were surprised. Some tried to calm nerves down but the argument rather increased in tempo.

Watch the video below:

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