Apostle Joshua Talena

Highly respected Nigerian Apostle – Joshua Talena says he loves , but there are some things about the country and believers which needs to be changed.

The man of God while preaching stated that there are 3 things which he has observed that needs an immediate change and fixation.

While throwing more lights on his statement, he made these points:


1. Don’t follow God with your senses:

He that must follow God, must not have his own sense. The Bible says Abraham was looking for that which is invincible for he was looking a city whose builder and maker is God. You must act in faith.

2. The next problem that Ghana church has is they slaughter their Men of God with their mouth:

I have never seen heights of disrespects for oil like Ghana radios and TVs and Facebook and Instagram.

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They slay prophets and believers. Jesus said who is you? He said the miracles which was done in you if they were to be done in Sodom and Gomorrah they would have repented.

The Ghanaian church needs to be very spiritual. Take your eyes from reality and put it in divine realities. You are more a spirit than flesh.

He went on to make other interesting revelations.

His sermon just fails in line with the quantum of disrespects being poured on the leader and founder of The Rockhill Church and Africa’s most decorated Gospel artiste – over his enviable academic achievements.

Watch the full video below:

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