Ghanaians descend on Sarkodie for promoting a song of Peter-Psquare


Rapper Sarkodie born Michael Owusu Addo is on a very hot bench after promoting a song belonging to Peter of P-Square at this crucial time.

As you might know already, some Ghanaian music lovers are calling for a reduction in how we hype foreign artiste especially our Nigerian counterparts.

Why promote and show them love when they don’t do same for our artistes when they go over there?. This is the major question most people are asking.

Well, Sarkodie has angered some section of Ghanaians after he took to his Instagram page to promote a new song from Peter of now defunct P-Square music group.

Fans can’t simply think far on why he has done that just when we’re trying to limit how we promote others above ourselves.

Checkout the screenshots below…Ghanaians didn’t take it easy with Sarkodie at all.:

For sometime now, one can see that the SarkNation CEO has been rolling very well with Peter. Even he was at Sark’s wedding.

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Sarkodie Will Disappear Like Castro If He Doesn’t Stop Occultism – Prophetess Warns

Just like Castro disappeared, Sarkodie will also disappear if he does not change his ways, a prophetess has warned.

According to the prophetess Osofo Maame Perpetual, the award-winning rapper is into ‘occultism’ and will suffer the same fate as Castro if he does not put a stop to it.

In a video which is circulating online, Osofo Maame Perpetual mentioned that Sarkodie is part of the popular ‘Illuminati’ cult group.

Osofo Maame Perpetual is quite popular on social media for her often shocking and negative prophecies about Ghanaian celebrities.

This is not the first time Sarkodie has been said as being ‘Illuminati’. There have been numerous reports over the years suggesting this.

Indeed, the rapper in 2014 released a track titled ‘Illuminati’ which was largely used to refute such allegations. Despite that, the reports have lingered on.

But this is the first time any such link has been drawn between Sarkodie and Castro’s disappearance. Castro, in July 2014, disappeared with his friend, Janet Bandu on the Ada river while riding a jet ski. Initial reports suggested that they had fallen off the jet ski.

The two had visited Aqua Safari Resort, as part of a group of friends of Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan.

Since that time there have been many mystic theories about why Castro disappeared with some even saying that the Takoradi-born musician is still alive and living somewhere else.

It is not known if Osofo Maame’s warning to Sarkodie is a subtle suggestion that Castro too was an ‘Illuminati’ who suffered such ill fate because of his bad deeds.

Meanwhile, a popular radio presenter and DJ, Andy Dosty, has reignited the conversation about Castro’s disappearance with his claim that the singer did not into the river and there was more to the story.

According to Andy Dosty, he was more than sure that Castro did not fall into the river as people were made to believe and revealed that the facts of the matter had been skewed. “We know he’s alive, we know Castro is not dead.

But who doesn’t know this? Castro is not dead, we all know he’s not dead. When did he fall in water? Am saying it on authority, the boy didn’t fall in water.

“…they’ve been lying to us for so long, …enough of the lies… they saw that the jet ski was packed on a land and not on top of a river, the key string was in there so why would people lie about it that the guy has been drowned?”