The Electoral Commission of Ghana says Ghanaians are old enough to observe social distancing.

The Electoral Commission EC believes Ghanaians are old enough to take care of themselves at the various registration centres.

Many COVID-19 activists are lambasting the EC for showing no or less concern of social distancing at their registration centres.

Following this concern, the Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission, Dr Serebour Quaicoe has advised Ghanaians on the social distancing protocols by stating that it is everyone’s responsibility to stay safe and stay alive in order to vote.

He said:

“Everyone registering is 18 years and above so people should be responsible. They must know that if they don’t follow protocols they will be putting themselves in danger. No matter what the security persons do, it depends on the individual. But we have informed our people that anyone without a nose mask must not be registered.”

Some are anticipating an increase in the COVID-19 cases in no time.

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