A post of a white lady sharing her thoughts about Ghanaians was published earlier on this site. The white American lady detailed how good the people of are but lacks visionary leaders to move them forward.

Under the comment section of the post, a Nigerian Facebook user who bares the name “Chukwudi Don Ekweozor” also commented on the post as he talks about how lazy the individuals of Ghana are.

According to the guy, the leaders of Ghana are good but the individuals rather are the ones not helping the country to move forward.


The words from the guy insinuates that he is or has been in Ghana before, as he talks about how Ghanaians experience 24hrs light on unlike Nigerians, but only good in using the light to watch movies instead of building factories and companies.

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Do something first before and the government will come and support you.” He concluded with an advise to the individuals of Ghana.

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