shatta bundle rape case

Shatta Bundle is the hottest man in now as he has been fingered over a rape case.

Everything started when a video of her together with a lady identified as Aisha were ‘frolicking’ in bed.

Following the video’s virality, the girl’s uncle came out to reveal that the Young Rich Nigga actually raped the underage girl and that they’ll make sure he faces the law.


A Few hours later, Shatta Bundle reacted saying there was noway he could have raped the little girl because he’s a man of dignity, and he can do no such thing to dent his reputation.

Furthermore, the lady in the video also came out in a video to depend Shatta Bundle saying he didn’t rape her and that the viral video was just a normal Snap.

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Well, Ghanaians on Twitter have reacted to this case surrounding Shatta Bundle.

One tweep suggested that if Shatta Bundle is found guilty, he should be sent to the Osu Children’s home.

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