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Ghosts caused arrest of men who uprooted their bodies in Brong Ahafo ( Photos)


Dead bodies uprooted by a man sited in front of the chief inspector of Abuom in the Ahafo Region.

This man uprooted the dead body with a young man called Berko Isaac born on 1st January 1989.

They uprooted the body at Abuom cemetery in Ahafo region sub-town of Sankore and when they were on their way going they had an accident.

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According to them, the ghost of that body and the rivers in that area gathered with the ghost to chase them so when they got to a town called Asarekrom then there was heavy river across the road and the ghosts also asked them to return their dead bodies and they refused, they tried their best to escape from them and they had an accident that led the police in that area to arrest them.

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Below are photos of Isaac Berko. The shirtless man is his counterpart. They have since been arrested.

Below are photos of the Ghost, that have been uprooted.

Source; celebritiesBuzz.com.gh


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