A very beautiful lady has disclosed that what is so special about women who pretend they don’t have feelings.

According to a lady, girls who pretend they don’t have feelings love their boyfriends the hardest.

Ash on Twitter wrote: “Girls who pretend they don’t have feelings love the hardest.”

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She didn’t explain why she said that but, many people seem to have believed what she tweeted.

A few people while agreeing to her post commented:

  • It’s not pretence it’s just a defense mechanism Loudly crying face
  • Idek why anyone would be pretending they don’t have feels.
  • So they won’t end up heartbroken..its like their defense mechanism
  • Maybe, they don’t pretend, just don’t know how to express their feelings
  • Some really just don’t have feelings and they exist.

See the post below:

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