Scammers who are using images of to dupe others are about to face her wrath soon as she demands for shares.

The singer bitterly lamented about the inability of people who uses her image as a cover up for their bad deeds to give her any percentage of whatever amount they made.

“Random menners wey dem dey use my image chop mugus, so e never cross your mind say at least dash me sometin? Some surprise percentage at least. She wrote in a tweet.

Some of the victims of this scammers before paying or after payment of any amount of money sometimes check the genuineness of the people they are dealing with thereby visiting the musicians verified account to confirm certain things. Luckily for them the singer isn’t interested in exposing anyone.

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Cos l never report any of you. Even when your mugus come after me in my verified accounts. She concluded.

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Give me a percentage for using my image to chop mugus - Sister Derby to scammers

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