Give me four more years to continue my good works – President Nana Addo to Ghanaians


President Nana Addo has appealed to Ghanaians to give him for more years in order for him to continue his good works.

With his slogan “4more4Nana”, the President said he was willing to serve the country for another four years to continue his policies geared towards the development of the country.

Responding to comments from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) about his frequent visits to the Volta Region, the President said the NDC should understand that a man desperate to marry a woman would do all he could to woo her.

Marry Volta Region

The President, who was visiting Adaklu for the third time since he assumed office, said: “I am determined to marry the people of the Volta Region and I am going to come here as often as is necessary until I get there.”

The region, he said, should expect more of his visits as the campaign period intensifies.

He expressed joy that policies he was implementing were yielding positive results on the ground especially with the Free Senior High School policy which had increased enrolment nationwide.

President Akufo-Addo said apart from the education sector that the government had made huge impact, the agricultural sector too was booming with interventions provided.

“We are making serious efforts now to diversify our cash crops in the country so that we can make much more money out of cash crops as we have being doing traditionally where everything has been geared towards cocoa,” he added.

To achieve this, he said the government was establishing the Tree Crop Development Authority to develop crops such as the palm oil, rubber, cashew, coconut, sheanut, coffee among others.



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