Most people have funny perceptions about Black people and the black race. The whites have grown in their resolve to belittle the blacks and relegate them to the background.

Consequently, many black men have decided to play second fiddle to the Whites. This had led to the development of an inferiority complex among the Blacks anywhere around the world that they are not worth it.

Blessings Ramoba

It becomes so sad when a fellow black man decides to go on the same tangent of belittling and downgrading black people for reasons deem fit to him.

President of Mining Forum of South Africa (MFSA), Blessings Ramoba has shared his entrenched view that black people are lazy and unproductive.

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According to him, the Whites multiply whatever is given to them but the Blacks squander their resources and go back to square zero.

He backed his assertion with several practical reasons you need to see for yourself.

Leave whites alone they are hard workers, give whiteman a 5 million tender he will create employment for black families to raise thier kids, give a blackman a tender he will buy himself a luxury car, hire few people to exploit without even safety clothes while working for him.
The bitter truth about us blacks is so painful to swallow even though we experience it on a daily basis in the townships, informal settlements and rural areas. Fact of the matter is, those who find this statement unpalatable cannot prove it wrong.
That’s why giving economic power to blacks should be carefully thought. It is a high risk because blacks are NOT PATRIOTIC AND ARE SELFISH WITH NO HEART FOR PUBLIC INTEREST.
Even today whites who are in anyway PATRIOTIC WITH PUBLIC HEARTS are creating almost all the economic opportunities for Blacks to raise their families.
That’s a fact whether blacks love or hate it. Blacks don’t have love many of them. That’s why their regime is so weak and screwed up. It is a risk to hand over all economic power to blacks.