trump and owusu bempah

Around September 17th 2020, Prophet prophesied a win for Democrat candidate, Joe Biden.

However, in a sharp u-tun, he has come out again to say would win.

claims the reason why Trump was destined to lose then was because he turned away from God but now he has changed his ways.

And God having seen his change of heart wants to retain him in power for 4 more years.


According to Owusu Bempah, Trump indeed turned away from his bad deeds and backed by prayers from himself, and Paula Whyte, God has rejected the recommendations by Heaven and the Watchers and decided to give Trump another four years.

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“God follows elections and particularly, the US, He is very interested. Trump fulfilled a prophecy so God is very pleased with him. informed Paula Whyte about my prophecy and she also told Donald Trump. So they acted on it and even called me to pray for Trump. We gave him some spiritual directives and he followed them”.

“What he lost in the spiritual realm has been returned to him and if God permits, he will win the US elections. We will keep praying for him. A win for Trump will be good for the Christian faith and he will help expand the faith”.

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Speaking on people who do not believe in his prophecies, referred them to his past prophecies and said that all his prophecies always come true.

“If someone doubts my prophecy, then he or she hasn’t followed my prophecies. I said on Metro TV in 2016 that Trump was going to win and he won. I made prophecies about Congo elections and it came to pass”, he said.

Watch the video below:

Contrary to what Bempah has said, the US elections has ended and counting of the ballots is still ongoing but it looks like Trump is losing badly.

See screenshot below of the result from the polls so far:

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trump and owusu bempah

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