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God wants Christians to be happy so if masturbation makes you happy there’s nothing wrong with it – Sister Deborah

Sister Deborah in an interview on Accra 100.5 FM has touched on a lot of controversies surrounding her.

One of such issues she touched on was her constant sharing of nude pictures.

The musician and model over the years has been bashed for her constant posting of nude pictures on social media.

sister deborah
sister deborah

In reaction to what her critics always say, Sister Derby said that her nude photos doesn’t cause any pollution or harm.

However, if someone cannot control himself and he masturbates to her pictures, then, that should be the person’s own problem.

The interviewer then further quizzed that what of the popular ‘belief’ that masturbation is a sin?

In reply, Derby said she believes God is love and he wants all his children to be happy.

So if masturbation makes his children happy, she doesn’t see why it should be considered a sin.

Watch video below:

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