Google says it has recorded 18 million malware and phishing emails being sent to Gmail subscribers in the name of covid-19.

The emails are suppose to hack into your privacy in order to get access to your personal details.

These personal details can be your credit card details and other financial details which will be used against you.

According to google, “the scammers use both fear and financial incentives to create urgency to try to prompt users to respond.”

Most of these emails are being reported to impersonate government organization such as WHO (World health Organization).

These creative scammers try to persuade users to download malware which will track your activities on your devices.

Google stated that, it has come out with mail filters which will filter your emails and get rid of all phishing and malware emails.

An example of this phishing or malware emails is the one below

We hereby entreat everyone to carefully review your emails before clicking any embedded links in them.