Government will arrest cocoyam thieves but will not remand Asante Berko, current TOR MD for engaging in $4.5M bribery scandal… Professor Kwaku Azar

Professor Kwaku Asare, popularly known as Kwaku Azar expressed his disappointment in the systematic injustice in Ghana where the law only seem to be active when the poor is involved but dies completely when the politicians offenses.
In a shot post, the scholar and social activist wrote a message which many Ghanaians know is a sad reality.
According to him, “Unlike the poor guy who got remanded for stealing cocoyams, you will not see Asante Berko, current TOR MD, remanded for his role in facilitating $4.5M bribe payments to government officials, including a misery $66,000 to our MPs while he Berko pocketed a cool $2M for his role in the  illegal scheme.”
This comment follows an accusation by Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) that Asante Berko, a former executive at Goldman’s London subsidiary violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices by masterminded a grand bribery scheme in which he arranged millions of dollars in bribes to be paid to government in Ghana to help a client win a power-plant contract.
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